We offer World Class Facility Management Solutions for small to medium size businesses, multi-family properties, retail establishments, commercial establishments and others, who are looking to Safeguard the Health of all occupants and Protect the Integrity of their building(s).

Building Oversight and Infection Prevention

BIFS Building Oversight and Pathogen prevention program works in tandem to help reduce, if not eliminate, germ and virus transmission in all areas of your facility(s). This gives all occupants the expectations of having and maintaining a healthier, safer working space. Indoors and out.

Safety and Security Enforcement

BIFS’s Safety and Security Enforcement provides the security services needed to deter crime, vandalism and disruption and to ensure our clients, their people and property are secure so they can continue operating in a safe and secured environment.

Housing and Relocation

BIFS’s Housing and Relocation supports communities by developing and promoting decent and suitable living environments for all to embrace.

Energy and Environmental Management

BIFS’s Energy and Environmental Management provides a coordinated and comprehensive approach to preventing problems caused by unhealthy environmental conditions and excess use of energy in several types of facilities.  The goal of the is to ensure that our clients facility(s) maintain a cost saving, safe, sanitary and habitable condition at all times.

Network and Communication

BIFS’s Networks & Comms division coordinates and employs a safeguard for all cyberspace vulnerabilities.
Our strategic approach in protecting our clients critical networks and communications infrastructure is by providing overseeing and gathering information on emerging threats and hazards so that appropriate actions can be taken.  This collective approach allows us to prevent, protect against, investigate and respond to any cyber incidents so to assist our clients in managing the risks to their communication systems and network assets.

Budget and Finance

BIFS’s F&B division assist small and medium size businesses and their owners by offering Business Owner Mortgages, Small Business Loans, Business Line of Credit, Equipment Financing, SBA Loans, AR Financing, Merchant Cash Advance, Franchise Financing, Asset Based Loans, Fix N Flip Loans and Startup Funding. Our goal is to help keep businesses operational by transforming financial resources, management, budgetary and delivery of  services that are available today. Our streamlined processes and strong relationships allow us to process hundreds of transactions/month resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars distributed to small and medium size businesses, nationwide, on a monthly basis.

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